KT Tape

KT Tape is classified as a Medical Device (Class A)

Licence is issued by Health Sciences Authority (HSA)

Medical Device Importer (Class A) Licence no. ES0002392

KT tape can be defined as a sports and fitness tape that is made of elastic. It provides support and relief in case of pain suffered in muscles, ligaments, and tendons. As might be evident from the description above the tape is meant for athletes as well as professionals who are involved in the world of fitness. You could be training to get ready for the first ever marathon of your life, or you could be an athlete who is preparing for the next contest on hand. It could also be that you are one of the teeming millions trying to get to a fitness goal that you have set yourself a long time ago and now it’s highly imperative that you get to it.

It might also be that you are just trying to spend a day without any injury and since you do not have an ideal level of fitness you are finding it hard to do so. Pain and injury are the biggest obstacles in all the cases that have been mentioned above as well as others. This is where a KT tape can be of such help. It does not have much weight and you can use it for an array of injuries such as pain in the lower back, carpal tunnel syndrome, pain in knee, tennis elbow, shin splints, etc. It can also deal with ITBS, and plantar fasciitis. Moreover, it is quite easy to wear as well.

In fact, KT tapes have been described as having revolutionized the world of sports medicine. Apart from treating various injuries it is also capable of preventing them. It also helps you recover quickly from injuries. It can also come in handy in situations where muscles have become sore.

KT tape is also visually appealing, which means wearing it will not make you look awkward. It is highly effective and capable of providing daylong relief for each and every occasion that you apply it. It works even if you are sweating or even when it becomes dirty owing to some reason or the other. It has an adhesive that has been designed specially and thanks to it, you can wear it in water as well. The designs of these tapes are rather minimal – they are not too ornate. But the results, which are nothing short of magical, take care of any possible shortcomings in design.

The tape is normally used along soft tissues, muscles, and ligaments where you are experiencing pain. All you need to do is use only a couple of strips of tape. Every box, containing the tapes, has the necessary instructions that help you apply the same without any problem whatsoever. In certain cases you also get video instructions that help you deal with various injuries and show you how to use the tape in that particular situation. These videos also take up much of your time – they are about 2 minutes long.

The aim is to provide you some significant support at a time when you are not in the best physical shape. With a KT tape you can carry on with your activities even when you are injured. In medical terms, this tape creates proprioception, which is basically a neuromuscular feedback. This allows your tendons and muscles perform better and relax as well. With the feedback, the muscles receive some support without the restrictions or the heavy weight of large braces and wraps.

With a KT tape you get the confidence that you need to do well even in an injured or painful state. It is made of absolutely original cotton sheathes or synthetic fabric that is highly durable and engineered specially. The cotton sheathes are placed into weft yarn. It provides you greater strength as well as durability. The materials used in making a tape give you unidirectional elasticity. This means that the tape only stretches vertically and not horizontally. The fibres are made in such a way that your movements are never restricted and yet there is some stable support. It is almost like wearing a second skin.

It comes with Matrix Weavematrix. It is basically a mechanical mesh weave that is designed in such a way that it will provide bilinear elasticity of exactly 140% across the tape’s length. The tape has no elasticity in its width. The percentage of elasticity here is crucial since it is the extent till which human skin can be stretched. This is the reason why KT tapes are like a second skin – they move, stretch, and flex just as much our own skin would. It is almost like a rubber band in that sense.

The design of KT tapes is a result of the years of development that technical performance has undergone. It enables an athlete to be better than others and enjoy a far superior range of motion. Even though it looks like a simple device for the uninitiated, years of progress in engineering and precise design has help it become one of the finest kinesiology tapes in the world. This is what makes the tape so strong and durable.

Some of the highest class athletes use the KT tape and this includes people who have competed in Olympics. This shows how credible it is especially for people who are rather serious about their fitness and never want to miss a day of training or playing or living life to the fullest for that matter.

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