Prince Phantom 97P

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Prince Phantom 97P

Introducing the Phantom 97P! With this racquet Prince adds a 97 square inch model to the Phantom family. Intermediate and advanced players looking for speed, spin and control should love this one.

Like other members of the Phantom series, this stick blends pinpoint accuracy with arm-friendly comfort. At over 11.5 ounces strung, the Phantom 97P feels solid against pace, but it also packs a 320 RDC swingweight, making it one of the faster and more maneuverable racquets in its class.

This racquet’s signature technology is an Anti-Torque System which features Textreme and Twaron in both the shaft and at 10 and 2 o’clock in the racquet’s head. The result is less racquet torque at impact, resulting in a more stable and powerful hitting experience.

Like other members of the Phantom series, this stick’s great feel comes partly from the CTS Beam, which features an ultra thin 16.5mm shaft. Factor in the 58 RA stiffness and you have a racquet with exceptional ball feedback.  From the baseline, the 97P pairs mindless precision with surprising speed and impressive comfort. The easy acceleration and open 16×18 string pattern provides the recipe for bringing the ball down hard. At net the 97P comes around fast to deliver impressive feel and touch. This stick also performs great on serve where it whips powerfully through contact to deliver extremely easy targeting.

All in all, this is a very impressive addition to the Phantom series. Player’s looking for classic control and modern speed should add this to their demo list. The outstanding feel at impact is a nice bonus.

Strung Specifications

Head Size: 97 in² / 625.81 cm²
Length: 27in / 68.58cm
Strung Weight: 320g
Balance: 12.5in / 31.75cm / 8 pts HL
Swingweight: 320
Stiffness: 58
Beam Width: 20.5mm / 19.5mm / 16.5mm
Composition: Textreme/Twaron/Graphite
Power Level: Low
Stroke Style: Full
Swing Speed: Fast
Racquet Colors: Grey-Blue
Grip Type: Prince ResiTex Tour
String Pattern:

16 Mains / 18 Crosses
Mains skip: 8T,8H
One Piece
No Shared Holes
String Tension:48-58 pounds