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2020 Prince X 100 (290g)





Prince X 100

TWIST POWER TECHNOLOGY and the face of the 24.5mm box frame create a feeling of hold.

Product Details

Item Number : 7TJ079

Product name (model name) : X 100

Series name : Prince X Series

Color : Black

Material : High elasticity carbon

Head size : 100inch 2

Average weight : 290g

Balance point (frame) : 325 mm

Full length : 27inch

Swing weight : 282

Frame thickness : 24.5-24.5-20mm

Grip : Cash Register Pro (Black)

Deployment grip size : 1, 2, 3

Power level : 880

String pattern : 16 x 18

Recommended tension : 45-50-55lbs

Best match strings : HARRIER POWER

Cover : Exclusive full case (black)

Country of origin : MADE IN CHINA

Other : Smart tennis sensor compatible model


Parallel Hole

Parallel Hole


Grommet holes are set so that 86% of the strings are straight to the outside of the frame. Expansion of the sweet area (especially toward the top). The sweet area and hitting points are linked to improve power and spin performance.

The parallel hole design requires a separate structure of bumpers and grommets.

When you hit the upper part of the frame or the string surface with your hand, in some rare cases a resonance sound may be heard between the bumper and the grommet’s separate part depending on the type of string and the situation where the string is stretched. It doesn’t affect the ball hitting and its result, feel the benefits of parallel hole technology.

2 Piece Throat

Adopted a two-piece throat that reduces shock at impact and suppresses string vibration.


Twist Power Technology


A structure in which the throat has a twist and the fore and back show different performance.

A special twisted shape creates a difference of up to 11% in bending between the fore and back surfaces, striking strongly on the fore surface and hitting a ball with stretch on the back surface.