June 8, 2020




Dunlop “ACTIVECTOR” – The speed-based model, which has a revolutionary structure and functions, provide comfort and durability to its high performance. The “Better Spec” is designed to enhance the rider’s comfort and enhance the unity with the foot.

Durability of the Outsole

By increasing the wear resistance of the outsole rubber, the durability against wear is increased even in the hard footwork of hard courts, and the life of the sole is dramatically extended.

Comfortable Cushioning


The insole and sole members have been moderately softened to improve the tracking and integration of the sole behavior. In addition, the upper adopts a new last to reduce the foot contact as much as possible, the lining has been changed to increase the mild comfort and improve cushioning.

Improved fit, hold and stability

By adopting double eyelets (two-step eyelets) and improving the shape of the cushion at the mouth, it improves comfort and fit, and improves hold and stability.


Sole System that gives speed and power to kicking

The deep vertical running groove of the outer sole forms a vertically fragile sole that transmits the pedaling power to the surface without loss. In addition, the spring effect of the boomerang type carbon built into the toes accelerates the turning back and starting dash.

Vertical Flexion Sole

High grip performance with ideal grounding behavior


Assist the agility of turning back and kicking

Two selectable fits, innovative and stable sole construction

By simply replacing the insole, you can choose two types of fit performance with one pair, slim fit and comfort fit. Also, by placing the shank near the sole of the foot, the support of the sole is enhanced. An epoch-making sole structure with the security of a flat sole and the lightness of a separate sole.

Fit Select Insole

Optimal fitting with 2 types of insoles to choose from


A shank that is lifted just under the foot to create ideal stability


A futuristic cosmetic – color changes depending on the direction of viewing

Pay attention to the upper, which is characterized by “dualness = bi-face”. We have completed an upper with a futuristic image in which the color seen from the toe side and the color seen from the heel side look like different colors in a gradational manner.

3D Bi-Face Upper

Front view and rear view color change continuously


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