Prince Ripstick 100 280g

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Prince Ripstick 100 280g

Rising intermediate players looking for an arm-friendly racquet with impressive all-around playability have come to the right place! It’s called the Ripstick 100 (280), and like the best modern player’s racquets, it will help you load the ball with pace and spin.

At only 10.4 ounces strung, this speedy racquet is not only suitable for intermediates, it should also work for the dedicated beginner or savvy doubles specialists who wants speed, power and spin.

Compared to the Ripstick 100 (300), this stick is lighter and faster, making it easier for the player to prepare the racquet effectively and achieve effective contact with the ball.

This racquet’s undeniable comfort comes in part from the large O-Ports that surround the hitting area. This feature not only produces a more plush and powerful string bed, it also creates less wind-drag for easier acceleration.

Additional features include Prince’s Anti-Torsion System (ATS), which combines TexTreme and Twaron in the shaft and upper hoop to deliver a smoother, more stable hitting experience. On groundstrokes the Ripstick 100 (280) feels plush at impact, with impressive accuracy on full swings.

As with the heavier 300 gram version, power comes easy, and the open 16×18 string pattern is extremely spin-friendly. At net this racquet’s quick handling will help you stay active. Although not quite as stable as the Ripstick 100 (300), this racquet’s head heavy balance helps when redirecting higher levels of pace.

This stick also shines on serve where you’ll find enough power and spin to coax weak replies. Ultimately, with the Ripstick 100 (280), Prince delivers the high comfort that we’ve come to expect from their O-Port frames.