2021 Prince Ripstick 100 300g

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Prince Ripstick 100 300g

Introducing the Ripstick 100 (300)! With this racquet Prince has created a powerful modern player’s racquet with above average comfort for the breed.



At 11.2 ounces strung, the Ripstick is not only fast enough for intermediate players, it also packs a near 330 swingweight, giving it enough stability and plow through to tempt the more advanced ball striker.

This racquet’s comfortable feel comes partly from the extra large O-Ports that surround the hitting area. This feature not only produces a more plush and powerful string bed, it also creates less wind-drag for easier acceleration.

Additional features include Prince’s Anti-Torsion System (ATS), which combines TexTreme and Twaron in the shaft and upper hoop to deliver a smoother, more stable hitting experience.

On groundstrokes the Ripstick hits a powerful ball, making it easy for you to take control of the point. The open 16×18 pattern not only helps with spin-potential, it also provides a higher trajectory, resulting in easier access to depth.

At net the Ripstick comes around with lightning speed, and it will give you enough power to finish points with a bang. This racquet also shines on serve where it rewards fast swings with enough pop to put the returner in check.