2021 Prince Synergy 98 – 305g

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Prince Synergy 98

Introducing the Synergy 98! With this racquet Prince has created an impressive weapon with controllable power and outstanding feel.

At 11.4 ounces strung this stick is mobile enough for intermediates, but it also packs a beefy 330+ RDC swingweight, which means it has enough stability and plow through for the advanced ball striker.

In addition to its control-oriented 98 square inch head, this racquet has an 18×18 string pattern, giving it impressive precision when driving the ball through the court.

Other features include a uniquely textured aerodynamic surface (for easier acceleration) along with a CTS beam, which is thinner in the shaft (for better feel) and thicker in the head (for extra power and stability).

On groundstrokes, the Synergy 98 offers impressive control and pocketing, and the 60-RA stiffness gives it an arm-friendly feel with great ball feedback. In addition to giving you the needed mass to drive the ball through the court, this racquet feels solid when redirecting the pace of a heavier hitter. The solid feel continues at net where block volleys come off with plenty of pop and depth, and there is enough touch to drop the ball on a dime.