Acti-Fit Full Poron 1.7 Insoles – Blue

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Product Specifications

Brand Part Group Type Part Code Part Description UOM
ACTI-FIT Insole Sports M+3-08 Acti-Fit Full Poron 1.7 Insoles – Blue PAIR
Color Size
Blue US 8 to 9


Product Description

Acti-Fit Revolutionary Insoles mould to your feet in 3 short minutes. Whether it’s in golf, tennis, training or your office shoes, Acti-Fit Insoles can help to correct your posture and joint alignment as well as improve linear motion.

They go to work whether you’re standing, jumping or running-providing active motion control, correct foot cushioning and greater muscle interaction.

Ideal for those needing greater Arch Support and for heavier set persons. Microfiber Material.

Acti-Fit Insoles starts to work right away through these 3 steps:

  1. Relieve: Start walking toward a life free from aches and pain caused by poor posture and improper sole support. Unlike others, Acti-Fit Insoles also bring relief to your feet from heat and humidity.
  2. Protect: Your pair of Acti-Fit Insoles are as unique as your thumbprint. They are designed to recognise your weak zones and to provide optimum protection from shock and impact. They also help to correct imbalanced weight distribution and posture. Additionally your feet are also protected from fungus and odour.
  3. Enhance: Trust your feet. When you’re in a pair of Acti-Fit your strides not only feel more comfortable, you’ll begin to feel a confidence like never before. Designed for sports and an active life, your game becomes better and everything you do on your feet feels more enjoyable.

Acti-Fit Insoles to the rescue

Acti-Fit Insoles are developed to minimize hyper pronation and musculoskeletal disorders by ensuring that your feet will have the optimal support, comfort and shock absorbency in any activity and under any pressure. It does this by moulding to your feet and using advanced material and technologies.