Fans of squash and the Asian Games will be given an exciting preview of the 19th Asian Games tomorrow (29 June) when the World Squash Federation’s streaming platform shows the semi finals of the “Exciting Hangzhou” KINME Cup Asian Squash Mixed Doubles Tournament – a test event for the upcoming Hangzhou Asian Games.

Squash, which has appeared at every Asian Games from Bangkok 1998 onwards, will be played at this year’s Asian Games – which takes place in Hangzhou, China, September 23-8 October – at the spectacular Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre, which has been nicknamed the Crystal Palace for its eight dazzling glass courts.

This year’s Asian Games will be the first to feature a mixed doubles championship and to prepare, this week the ‘Crystal Palace’ has been hosting a test event: the Exciting Hangzhou KINME Cup

The Exciting Hangzhou KINME Cup, a mixed doubles championship featuring 21 teams from 10 countries, is being played at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre between 26-30 June.

The semi finals and final will be streamed live and free on from 16:30 (GMT+8) on June 29 and 17:15 on June 30.

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