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Babolat 1 Feather Badminton Shuttles

Babolat Shuttlecock – Product List

Product Specifications

Brand Part Group Type Part Code Part Description UOM
BABOLAT Shuttlecock Tournaments 551023 Babolat Feather Shuttlecock 1 DOZN
Feather Type Grade Speed Flight Cork composition Color
Goose feather – Taiwan 1 75 > 79 A 3-Layer cork White


Product Description

A top-quality shuttlecock offering the greatest accuracy: ideal for competitions!

The BABOLAT 1 shuttlecock is made of the finest goose feathers and solid cork. This high-quality shuttlecock was developed for international tournaments: it’s intended for world-class players such as Joachim Fischer-Nielsen, Kenta Kazuno and Sashina Vignes-Waran. It offers excellent flight precision, making it enjoyable to play with.

A high-quality shuttlecock developed for international tournaments, offering accurate flight and excellent durability, making it a very pleasant play.

  • Specially formulated glue holds the 3-layer cork and the goose feather.
  • Comes in tubes, each containing 12 shuttles
  • Top-graded goose feather quality
  • Available in Speeds 77-78

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