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Babolat 2 Feather Badminton Shuttles

Product Specifications

Brand Part Group Type Part Code Part Description UOM
BABOLAT Shuttlecock Recreational 551022 Babolat Feather Shuttlecock 2 DOZN
Feather Type Grade Speed Flight Cork composition Color
Goose feather – Taiwan 2 75 > 79 A 3-Layer cork White


Product Description

The shuttlecock with outstanding flight quality: ideal for tournaments!

The BABOLAT 2 shuttlecock is made of goose feathers and a solid cork base, which makes it perfect for use in tournaments or club matches. Of very high quality, its precision makes it ideal for players looking for very good flight speed and durability.

Feather Shuttlecock Speed Chart

Choose the shuttlecock with the speed number appropriate to the temperature, as the difference in temperature affects the flying distance of the shuttlecock.   We should consider the temperature where we will be playing to match the right speed when buying shuttlecock.

International speed metric

1 / 75 – slow, for use in highland

2 / 76 – medium slow, for use in hotter area

3 / 77 – medium, most sea level area

4 / 78 – medium fast, cold area

5 / 79 – fast, cold area, below sea level

Temperature have 2 effects – the air density and expansion of cork. Hot air temperature will cause the air density to be lower which reduces the air resistance for the shuttle.

At the same time, the heat will expands the head of the shuttle in volume which is made from cork. When this happen, it is moving the tip of the feather slightly inward, which reduces the drag of the shuttle. Selecting a slower shuttlecock speed in hot condition is best.

On the reverse side, when the temperature is decreasing, the air density will be higher, which increases air resistance and the cork will contract causing the tip of the feather to move outward slightly increasing the drag, and slowing down the shuttle. Thus, selecting a faster speed shuttle in cold area is best.

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