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Babolat Expandable Bag 4-9 Pack


Babolat Expandable Bag 4-9 Pack

It’s back! Always innovative, this bag can be as big or small as you need it to be. The Expandable Bag can be utilized to fit as few as 4 racquets and can expand to hold as many as 9 racquets. It features two compartments for racquets, with an internal separator in each compartment.

There are 3 separate zippers which if unzip can expand to be as big as a 9-pack bag. The exterior of the bag has two accessory pockets, one on each side and there are adjustable, padded shoulder straps on each side of the bag that can be worn as backpack straps or thrown over your shoulder.

  • Dimensions: at it’s smallest: L31.5″ X H14″ X W7″ when completely unzipped: L31.5″ X H14″ X W14″
  • Two main compartments for racquets, each with a padded panel to help space the bag out and provide structure
  • Small exterior accessory pocket on either side of the bag
  • Adjustable, padded shoulder straps can be worn as a backpack or thrown over your shoulder
  • 3 zippers which can be unzipped to expand and make the bag larger
  • Color:Black / Red
  • Color: Black / Black