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Babolat Skin Feel X1 Grip

Product Specifications

Brand Part Group Type Part Code Part Description UOM
BABOLAT Grips Replacement 670056 Babolat Skin Feel X1 Grip PCS
Packaging Color Weight Thickness
1 per pack White (101); Black (105) 0.59oz 0.06″


Product Description

Players who are looking for a thin replacement grip and love to feel the bevels should check out this Babolat Skin Feel Grip. You’ll feel connected to the racquet with this grip that also offers a tacky feel.

This ultra-thin grip allows players to really feel the bevels of the handle. The extra precision it offers makes it the grip of choice for professional players. It’s so thin that grip size goes down half a size.

Equips the Pure Control rackets.

Tacky + Thin