Sengkang West CSC was held this year at Sengkang Sports Hall on 14 & 15 December with 243 players participating in 9 events.

Winner prizes by BABOLAT, DUNLOP and PRINCE, Official Ball by CHAOPAI all under the sponsorship of SPORTSMATCH MARKETING SINGAPORE.

Guest of Honour Dr. Lam Pin Min (Senior Minister of State for Health & Transport Grassroots Adviser to Sengkang West)

The Winners

14th Chinese Swimming Club Age Group Badminton (Invitational) Tournament

The 14th Chinese Swimming Club Age Group Badminton (Invitational) Tournament was held this year from 9th to 15th September, 2019 at the Chinese Swimming Club Badminton Hall, Sports Complex (Level 2), 21 Amber Road, Singapore.  There were total 681 players from Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore participate in the tournaments with 702 entries.

Sportsmatch Marketing are the Official Equipment and Shuttlecocks (Chaopai Red) for the tournament.  Part of the lucky draw prizes were sponsored by Bauerfeind Sports Singapore.

The tournaments was sanctioned by the Singapore Badminton Association and has attracted double the numbers of players to participate compare to Year 2018.

Chinese Swimming Club has invited National players Loh Kean Yew, Yeo Jia Min, Loh Kean Hean and Andy Kwek as special guests’ appearance and exhibition matches with the young age group champions.

There were live coverage on the Final Day of the tournament by E3Sports (IRONMAN Official Drink Sponsored) at their YouTube channels.  Please click below link to view the excitement on the final day.













This year Zenith Badminton Academy hold their Team Up Shuttlers Challenge Badminton Tournament on May 18th , 2019 at Singapore Badminton Hall, Geylang.  Categories for Men’s Open Singles and Doubles, Women’s Open Double, Mixed Doubles Open and Veteran Men’s Doubles.  There are total 120 participants from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Winner prizes by PRINCE and Official Ball by CHAOPAI under the co-sponsorship of SPORTSMATCH MARKETING SINGAPORE.







Smash-IT! March 2019 Badminton Tournament by Zenith Badminton Academy

Smash-IT! March 2019 Badminton Tournament

Zenith Badminton Academy hold their Annual Smash-IT! March Badminton Tournament this year on 23rd March 2019 at Singapore Badminton Hall, Geylang.  Categories for Boys and Girls singles U13 & 15, Open Doubles for Women, Men and Mixed Double.  There are total 181 participants from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Japan.

Winner prizes by BABOLAT and PRINCE, Official Ball by CHAOPAI all under the sponsorship of SPORTSMATCH MARKETING SINGAPORE.

Below are the winners of each category. Congratulations to all the winners!!

U13 Boy’s Singles Event
1st Placing: Poh Yong Feng Kieran
2nd Placing: Chai Min Jin
3rd Placing: Tee Kai Ze

U13 Girl’s Singles Event
1st Placing: Tan En Qi Vyon
2nd Placing: Chayuda Poolsiri
3rd Placing: Minori Goto

U15 Boy’s Singles Event
1st Placing: Amirul Imran Bin Azuan
2nd Placing: Gavin Ng Jing Yi
3rd Placing: Pratyush Madhaik

U15 Girl’s Singles Event
1st Placing: Tania Nair
2nd Placing: Nichole Lim Sze Tong
3rd Placing: Arin Kesuma Herbert

Men’s Doubles Event
1st Placing: Andrew Ng Jia Jun & Kwek Yee Jian
2nd Placing: Chng Jun Xian & Ng Wei Khai
3rd Placing: Eric Goh Dong Lun & Lim Kar Leong

Women’s Doubles Event
1st Placing: Amanda Chng & Ng Soo Mui
2nd Placing: Mikako Miyazaki & Yumi Taniguchi
3rd Placing: Faith Cheong Hui Min & Wu Ts Wei

Mixed Doubles Event
1st Placing: Ong Huck Lee & Tang Jia Miin
2nd Placing: Ng Choon Kang & Ng Soo Mui
3rd Placing: Lim Kar Leong & Lee Huay Ling

The 13th Chinese Swimming Club Age Group Badminton (Invitational) Tournament 2018

The 13th Chinese Swimming Club Age Group Badminton (Invitational) Tournament 2018 has ended happily on Sunday, 9-Sep-2018.  SPORTSMATCH as the Official Equipment Sponsor for the Prizes of Babolat Badminton Racquets, Babolat & Prince Racquet Bags and Chao Pai as Official Shuttlecock for the Tournament.  Total participants 395 from Malaysia, Philippine, Singapore and Thailand and the biggest winning groups go to Thailand.   Congratulations to the winners of all age groups and thanks to the supporting team behind the tournament which make the tournament a very successful and happy event.


13th Chinese Swimming Club Age Group Badminton (Invitational) 2018


Boys Singles Under 9
1 Harsha Vardhan [1]
2 Jaden Low Chenxi [2]
3/4 Prakrit Madhaik [3/4]
3/4 Yang Mu [3/4]
Boys Singles Under 11
1 Pannachai Boonmak
2 Jin Khoo [1]
3/4 Lim Sheldric [2]
3/4 Ethan Gonh Wei Dong
Boys Singles Under 14
1 Adisak Prasertphetmanee
2 Sarun Rukcharoen
3/4 Rachaphol Inthanon
3/4 Eakanath Kitkawinroj
Boys Singles Under17
1 Anton Wijaya
2 Peng Meng Yu
3/4 Kian Mikael Cruz
3/4 Wong Chin Ming
Boys Singles Under 19
1 Indra Septian Wijaya
2 Tan Chee Hao
3/4 Tee Shun Xing
3/4 Hoe Yew Wis
Girls Singles Under 9
1 Jaylinn Lee Qin Xuan [1]
2 Jessie Batchelor
3/4 Dorcas Ng Zi Qi
3/4 Low Jia Xun
Girls Singles Under 11
1 Anyapat Phichitpreechasak
2 Pimchanok Sutthiviriyakul
3/4 Sonia Pho [2]
3/4 Meiya Dai Bayraktar
Girls Singles Under 14
1 Warisara Dansoonthornwong
2 Sarunrak Vitidsarn
3/4 Clarisse Han Rui En
3/4 Pattaraporn Rungruengpramong
Girls Singles Under 17
1 Choo Yan Ying Desiree
2 Roslind Eveanne Quiamco
3/4 Teoh Yi Ting
3/4 Teh Khai Lin


Boys Doubles Under 11
1 Arshdip Singh Darshan Singh [3/4]
Jin Khoo
2 Nattawat Jairaksantisuk
Pannachai Boonmak
3/4 Lim Sheldric [3/4]
Tai Jong Waa
3/4 Raphael Chong [1]
Zack Ng Zhen Hong
Boys Doubles Under 14
1 Adisak Prasertphetmanee
Chayakorn Sootlake
2 Eakanath Kitkawinroj
Rachaphol Inthanon
3/4 Natussatum Waiariyaphochchong
Sarun Rukcharoen
3/4 Jayden Chan Qi Xuan
Princern Tjia
Boys Doubles Under 17
1 Chew Qi Siang
Xavier Eng Yee Meng
2 Alaster Ng
Muhammad Rafly Wibiyanto
3/4 Keith Tan Zheng Rui
Ng Yi Vee
3/4 Chua Renzo
Yap Yong Tian
Boys Doubles Under 19
1 Mohammad Izzat Bin Anvar
Wong Chin Ming
2 Fredric Cheng Yi
Shawn Foo Shi Wei
3/4 Teodoro Antonio
Andrew Dominic Quiamco
3/4 Hoe Yew Wis
Muhammad Sufyan Bin Nordin

Men’s Combined 90

1 Adrian Ng Yin Soon
Hor Tak Choy
2 Kam Kim Saw Timothy
Wong Kong Kay
3/4 Jumari Bin Kasrawi
Syed Ahmad Bin Mohsin Alhamid
3/4 Seah Kok Chong
Yap Wee Teck
Men’s Combined 110
1 Koh Kie Liang Johnny
Tan Kim Huat Ronald
2 Jumari Bin Kasrawi
Samsuddin Bin Mohammed
3/4 Jason Ooi Hock Eye
Lawrence Quek Siew Seng
3/4 Chua Yew Chye Albert
Wee Keng Tiong Jerry
Girls Doubles Under 17
1 Pattaraporn Rungruengpramong
Warisara Dansoonthornwong
2 Nutchavee Sittiteeranan
Phatharaporn Kulamat
3/4 Elicia Ng Hui Ting
Ng Jing Ting
3/4 Chew Jing Wen
Choo Yan Ying Desiree


Mixed Doubles Open
1 Tay Kok Hau
Liang Yun
2 Liao Junwei
Chayaporn Suphavilai
3/4 Ng Choon Kang
Ng Soo Mui
3/4 Shawn Foo Shi Wei
Rachel Foo

Chinese Swimming Club Badminton Tournament Roadshow Sales Promotion

Chinese Swimming Club
Badminton Tournament
Roadshow Sales Promotion

(From Sep 5 to 9, 2018)

In conjunction with the Chinese Swimming Club 13th Age Group Badminton (Invitational) Tournament held between Sep 5 to 9, 2018.  We will be holding Roadshow Sales Promotion at the Multipurpose Room located at Level 2 Sports Complex (Next to the Chinese Swimming Club Badminton Hall).  Attractive Discount up to 50% and Sales Promotional Package will be offer throughout the tournament, so mark it down and see you there!


How To Choose The Right Shuttlecock ?

How To Choose The Right Shuttlecock ?

Choose the shuttlecock with the speed number appropriate to the temperature, as the difference in temperature affects the flying distance of the shuttlecock.

We should consider the temperature where we will be playing to match the right speed when buying shuttlecock.

International speed metric
1 / 75 – slow, for use in highland
2 / 76 – medium slow, for use in hotter area
3 / 77 – medium, most sea level area
4 / 78 – medium fast, cold area
5 / 79 – fast, cold area, below sea level

Feather Shuttlecock Speed Chart


One of the element that greatly affect the flight speed of a shuttlecock is air density. Air density is simply the total amount of air in a specific area or space.

Higher air density will cause more air resistance for shuttlecock thus slowing it down. So, it is better to use a faster shuttle speed in this situation.

High altitude area have lower air density compare to a location near sea level. Shuttlecock will have less air resistance when playing at this area, allowing it to fly faster and choosing a slower speed to counter the effect is ideal.

How about temperature? Temperature have 2 effects – the air density and expansion of cork. Hot air temperature will cause the air density to be lower which reduces the air resistance for the shuttle.

At the same time, the heat will expands the head of the shuttle in volume which is made from cork. When this happen, it is moving the tip of the feather slightly inward, which reduces the drag of the shuttle. Selecting a slower shuttlecock speed in hot condition is best.

On the reverse side, when the temperature is decreasing, the air density will be higher, which increases air resistance and the cork will contract causing the tip of the feather to move outward slightly increasing the drag, and slowing down the shuttle. Thus, selecting a faster speed shuttle in cold area is best.

Chinese Swimming Club – Babolat Badminton Academy

Chinese Swimming Club – Babolat Badminton Academy

Come join the CSC Badminton Academy!

Our focus is at ground level in developing and helping our young trainees gain admission to tournaments in representing their schools and also Chinese Swimming Club.  With our training from junior to youth levels, trainees will have a forward start in their pursuit to represent their schools and also national tournaments in Singapore.

  • Our badminton classes are designed to make badminton fun! Each training session is headed by our dedicated, experienced and certified coaches.
  • Personalized training is provided with a ratio of 8:1 students to a coach.
  • Our Badminton Hall has 8 courts lined with international BWF approved playing mats. Furthermore, we have a conducive training environment and a convenient location nearby to schools.
  • Opportunities of attending Badminton Clinics and Events hosted by CSC with International Badminton Players.
  • Availability of exchange programmes with local and overseas badminton training schools.


Starter Kit Packages:

  • All Students will be given 4 pieces of Babolat Training T-shirts absolutely free upon registration of our badminton classes.
  • All trainees is entitled to purchase Babolat Starter Kit at attractive promotional discount package price with various choices available at Sportsmatch Pro-shop located next to Chinese Swimming Club’s Badminton Hall at Level 2, Sports Complex. Register early as offer is limited while stocks last. All Terms & Conditions apply.

Babolat Starter Kit Packages 

Training Schedules

  • Beginners/Advance Beginners Level

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday  :           3.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Saturday                                                              :           8.00 am to 12.00 noon

Sunday                                                                 :           1.30 pm to 3.30 pm


  • Intermediate/Advance/Competitive Level


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday  :           6.00 pm to 9.00 pm

Saturday                                                              :           12.00 noon to 3.00 pm

Sunday                                                                 :           9.00 am to 3.00 pm




Trainees Enrolment Fee * Once per week Twice per week Thrice per week
Members $42.80 $107.00/month $128.40/month $149.80/month
Non-Members $64.20 $49.80/month $181.90/month $214.00/month



Trainees Enrolment Fee * Once per week Twice per week Thrice per week
Members $42.80 $139.10/month $160.50/month $181.90/month
Non-Members $64.20 $171.20/month $203.30/month $235.40/month



Trainees Enrolment Fee * Once per week Twice per week Thrice per week
Members $42.80 $171.20/month $256.80/month $321.00/month
Non-Members $64.20 $214.00/month $321.00/month $406.60/month



Trainees Enrolment Fee * Daily
Members $42.80 $481.50/month
Non-Members $64.20 $588.50/month

The Academy form can be downloaded from

Sportsmatch – Chinese Swimming Club Pro Shop

EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS AT THE CHINESE SWIMMING CLUB PROSHOP located at Chinese Swimming Club, Level 2 Sports Complex, 21 Amber Road Singapore 439870

Chinese Swimming Club members will enjoy 30% discount on all products except Bauerfeind’s Sports Support, Swan’s Swim Accessories, promotional items, fixed price items and stringing services.

Our product portfolio includes Badminton, Squash and Tennis Rackets, Balls, Shuttlecocks, Footwear, Strings, Apparels, Accessories, Swimming Goggles & Accessories, Sports Guards & Supports, Sports Compression Sleeves, Kinesiology Therapeutic Tapes,  and Insoles.  You may view the products at

Our Brands:



Operating Hours:

Tuesday to Thursday, 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm

Saturday, 1.00 pm to 8.00 pm;  Sunday, 1.00 pm to 6.00 pm

Contact: 6276 3313 (Come and Visit Us Today!)

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Over the years SPORTSMATCH has been involved in nearly every aspect of the wholesale distributor of sporting goods to the Tennis, Badminton and Squash industry in Singapore and Indonesia through our network of Pro Racquet Specialty Dealers, Sports Chain Stores, Social Clubs, General Sports Shops and Coaches.

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