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Bauerfeind Sports Wrist Strap

Product Specifications


Brand Part Group Type Part Code Part Description UOM
BAUERFEIND Supports Sports Supports BF11459471 Bauerfeind Sports Wrist Strap PCS
Color Sizes
 Black, Riviera SIZES: S/M 14-17 cm ;  L/XL 17-20 cm

SIDE: Can be used on either arm

How to Measure:

  • How to determine the perfect fit to ensure optimum effectiveness:
  • Measure the circumference at the widest part of the wrist.




Product Description

SPORTS STRAP FOR RELIEVING THE WRIST – Guarantee support during load peaks:  the Sports Wrist Strap is available in two sizes to ensure a perfect fit.  Thanks to the individually adjustable pressure, the relief for the wrist can be perfectly adapted to a variety of situation in different sports.  This allows the athlete to prevent sport-specific symptoms of excessive strain long-term.

Stable, comfortable, & durable sports support for the wrist during any athletic activity.


  • Relieving sports belt for the wrist – reduces paid by overload
  • Belt for individual adjustment of the relief pressure
  • Relieves the wrist
  • Very slim fit for a high wearing comfort
  • Airy-light knitted fabric made of durable material
  • Durable, easy-care quality for daily use and easy to clean