Chao Pai Shuttlecock – Red

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Product Specifications

Brand Part Group Part Code Part Description
CHAO PAI Shuttlecock JCSC_RED Chao Pai Shuttlecocks – Red
Grade UOM Colour Cork Composition
1 DOZN White 3 layer cork

Type A Sandwich Full Cork N+P+N

Feather Type Type Speed Flight
Grade A Goose Tournaments

Design for competition and game.

76 > 79 Flying: A+

A Flight, ideal dropping-point


Product Description

A top-quality shuttlecock offering the greatest accuracy: ideal for competitions!

CHAO PAI RED shuttlecock is made of the finest goose feathers and solid cork. This high-quality shuttlecock was developed for international tournaments. It offers excellent flight precision, making it enjoyable to play with.

CHAO PAI RED IMPRESSION – International Tournament Standard, Accurate Flight, Consistent and Durability