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The Fabric of the game

The 1st Grand Slam tournament of the year uses this high-performance tennis ball. HD Core and HD PRO Cloth technologies make it easier to play on all surfaces. Wherever you play, however you train. One thing underpins it all, the Dunlop tennis ball. Obsessively crafted, meticulously engineered, officially endorsed. The Official Ball of the Australian Open and Emirates Australian Open Series.



Dunlop was chosen by Tennis Australia because:

  • Dunlop balls are widely regarded as the best on tour by players and coaches
  • Dunlop’s meticulous attention to detail and dedication to create a high-performance ball fitting for this prestigious event
  • Dunlop’s quality control at every stage of the production process
  • Dunlop’s ability to listen and effectively act upon feedback throughout the testing process







  • The Dunlop Australian Open ball is ethically manufactured in the company’s own factory in the Philippines and is put together using the finest materials
  • The rubber cores at the heart of the ball are made from the finest natural rubber locally sourced from the Philippines while the manufacturing of the cloth takes place in the UK and then shipped over for full assembly
  • The balls were manufactured during October 2018 and were shipped over to Melbourne in November 2018. Before it was finalised, the Dunlop Australian Open ball was put through a thorough 11 month testing process. with various specifications of the ball tested on-court by current and ex-players across a broad range of ages as well as Tennis Australia members and coaches
  • This practical testing was a significant part of the process and was incredibly influential to Tennis Australia’s final decision


  • Prior to the tournament, the ball will be used in several lead-up events, with Dunlop being the official ball partner for the Emirates Australian Open Series which encompasses the Brisbane International, Sydney International and Hobart International, Hopman Cup and World Tennis Challenge tournaments. The ball will also be used at the Qatar Open and Auckland Classic events.
  • Over 53,000 balls will be used during the Australian Open in 2019 which will be transported to Melbourne in over 17,500 PETs.
  • As well as the actual balls, various versions of the Australian Open ball are available to purchase, including trainer balls and jumbo-size balls at the tournament and online






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