Bauerfeind Sports Back Support

Product Specifications


Brand Part Group Type Part Code Part Description UOM
BAUERFEIND Supports Sports Supports BF11489441 Bauerfeind Sports Back Support PCS
Color Sizes
 Black, Riviera XS 70-80 cm / S 80-90 cm / M 90-100 cm / L 100-110 cm / XL 110-120 cm / XXL 120-130 cm


How to Measure:

  • Ensure your back support has the perfect fit for the ideal protection and performance effect. Our measuring zones make it easy for you to find your perfect size for your sports back support.
  • Measure the circumference of your abdomen immediately below your navel.



Product Description

Stable, comfortable, & durable sports support for the back during any athletic activity.


  • Support which is placed round the torso and is made from a highly elastic knitted fabric for a carefully regulated amount of compression
  • Innovative pad with nubs to massage and stimulate muscles and fasciae
  • Lateral wings with nubs for improved sensorimotor feedback
  • Anatomical fit and flat abdominal fastening to guarantee a secure fit and maximum freedom of movement
  • Light, airy fabric made of hard-wearing material makes the support very comfortable to wear
  • Durable, easy-care quality for daily use and easy to clean

STRENGTHEN YOUR BODY – Effective protection against excessive strain: the Sports Back Support exerts comfortable compression to support the back muscles, while its integral nubs stimulate the muscles during movement.  This has beneficial effect on the sensorimotor system.  It activates the stabilizing torso muscles, harmonizes muscle control and improves posture.

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 Bauerfeind 3D Airknit Technology


Innovative high-tech solution for greater stability and flexibility

Bauerfeind’s 3D AIRKNIT TECHNOLOGY combines three innovative technologies in a single high-tech solution to provide the perfect balance of stability and flexibility.

3D – Thanks to their anatomical fit, the effect of Bauerfeind sports supports is felt precisely where it is needed, allowing your body to deliver maximum power while receiving perfect support.

AIR – All of our supports with 3D AIRKNIT TECHNOLOGY also feature wide-meshed, weight-saving ventilation zones.  The effect: the parts of the body covered by the supports are cooled more effectively during extreme physical exertion, preventing any build-up of moisture due to sweat.

KNIT – The knitted fabric in our supports offers innovative functional zones that combine optimum stability with maximum freedom of movement.  Bauerfeind therefore gives you the flexibility you need for maximum performance together with reliable protection against excessive strain.

In the Bauerfeind Innovation Centre, we work tirelessly on the further advanced development of our supports, making sure that we incorporate all the knowledge we have gained through our experience of elite sport.  As a result, you can be 100% confident that all Bauerfeind products reflect the latest findings from sports science research at all times.