Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support

Product Specifications


Brand Part Group Type Part Code Part Description UOM
BAUERFEIND Supports Sports Supports BF11449411 Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support PCS
Color Sizes
 Black, Riviera A: XS 38-41 cm / S 41-44 cm / M 44-47 cm / L 47-50 cm / XL 50-53 cm / XXL 53-36 cm

B: XS 28-31 cm / S 31-34 cm / M 34-37 cm / L37-40 cm / XL 40-43 cm / XXL 43-46 cm

SIDE: Can be used on either knee


How to Measure:

  • Ensure your knee support has the perfect fit for the ideal protection and performance effect. Our measuring zones make it easy for you to find your perfect size for your sports knee support.
  • With your knees slightly bent, start the measurement from the centre of the kneecap. Measure the circumference 14 cm above this point towards your upper body (A) and 12 cm below it towards your feet (B).

Product Description

STABILIZEZ YOUR KNEE – Excellent protection from excessive strain: the Sports Knee Support improves the controlled movement of the knee during longer sporting activities through gentle compression.  The hard-wearing knee support simultaneously massages ligaments, tendons, muscles and connective tissue during movement, with the associated benefits for the sensorimotor system.  Stress and risks of injury are thereby combated and pain associated with excessive strain subsides more quickly.

Stable, washable, & durable sports support for your knee during athletic activities.


  • Support which encloses the joint and is made from a highly elastic knitted fabric for a carefully regulated amount of compression
  • Innovative pad to absorb pressure peaks
  • Lateral wings and pressure points for positive sensorimotor feedback
  • Anatomical fit with silicone areas to guarantee a secure fit and maximum freedom of movement
  • Light, airy knitted fabric made of hard-wearing material makes the support very comfortable to wear
  • Durable, easy-care quality for daily use and easy to clean
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