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Prince 7000 Stringing Machine


Prince 7000 Stringing Machine

The Prince 7000 is the latest electronic stringing machine that features a secure and easy to use six point frame mounting.

The unique Silencer tension head, with unique electro mechanical design and microchip processing provides unprecedented accuracy, speed and quiet operation.

The new Versa Clamp system offers gravity based or push button release options. Quick Click clamp bases lock at the flip of a lever and the external tension calibration is in an easy to reach location. The modular PC board is also easily accessible.

In addition to this, the Prince 7000 consists of a liquid crystal screen with a 15 degree tilt, providing an easy to read display.

The machine comes complete with a stand or detachable pedestal for table top use and foot pedal for optional tension activation.

The official stringing machine of Wimbledon 2009, 2010 and 2011 – used to string over 3300 racquets.