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Prince Beast O3 Squash Racquet

Product Specifications

Brand Part Group Type Part Code Part Description
PRINCE Squash Racquet Performance 7SJ007


Prince Beast O3 Squash Racquet
UOM: Pieces
Headsize: 72 inch 2
Weight (g) Unstrung:  138 g
Stringing Pattern: 16 x 16
Power Level: 750
Grip: Resipro
Unstrung Balance: 37.5cm / 18.4 in
Color: Black × Green
Frame thickness: 17.0-18.0-22.5 mm
Material : Carbon + textile
Technology: Textile carbon technology, EXO 3 , POWER RING
Recommended tension: Main 20-23-27 lbs (Cross drop by about 10%)
Accessories:  Special sliding bag
Country of origin: MADE IN CHINA


Textile carbon technology

Textile carbon uses open spread yarn with one to tens of thousands of carbon fibers spread sideways. Since it is a thin structure, the finished fabric is thin, and the strength of the combination is also increased because the surface irregularities are small.

In general, the cross section of a carbon fiber yarn whose carbon fiber is a bundle of one thousand to several tens of thousands of lines is close to a circle. Therefore, when we knit the carbon fiber yarns together, there is a gap between the round and the round, so that it becomes thickness and strength decreases.


Tennis Racket

It produces even higher capacity with efficient energy effect.

EXO 3 technology is the latest technology of Prince that further evolved O 3 technology · speed port technology. It newly developed EXO 3 Energy Channel and EXO 3Energy Bridge that efficiently transmits the impact energy at the swing to the ball without waste and generates a more stable racket feeling . This latest technology realizes power control feeling even higher dimension. It dramatically increases playing ability.

POWER UP Enable powerful shots at all

By placing SPEEDPORT on the top of the face frame, the movable range of the warp extends, enabling sharp shots with power, enlarging the sweet spot in the vertical direction, and wishing for a more stable play style.


The patented String Suspension Technology widens the range of motion of the strings and enlarges the sweet spot, enabling shorter, more precise shots even in off center hits.

Prince’s unique power ring shape enhances the surface rigidity of the frame, demonstrating greater power and control performance.

How does EXO 3 TECHNOLOGY work?

EXO 3 technology works with more freedom as strings are traditionally freed from restricted movement by small holes in grommets and this movement works even when struck off center.

What benefits will EXO 3 TECHNOLOGY bring?

EXO 3 technology is a next-generation technology that provides a wider and more stable hitting area at every head size. We lead every player to a higher level.


Product Description

A successor model of PRO REBEL. TeXtreme carbon loaded and succeeded in weight reduction of 5 g. A senior player model combining control and power with Prince’s unique EXO 3.