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Prince Emblem 120 Tennis Racket

Brand Part Group Type Part Code Part Description UOM
PRINCE Tennis Racquet Performance 7TJ068 Prince Textreme Phantom Pro 93P Tennis Racket Pcs
Item Number 7TJ 068
Model name Emblem 120
Series name EMBLEM Series
Color Gunmetallic x silver
Material Carbon + textile × Twaron
Head size 120 inch 2
Average weight 244 g
Balance point (frame) 364 mm
full length 27.25 inch 2
Swing weight 285
Frame thickness 30 – 27.5 – 26 mm
grip Reset soft (black)
Deployment grip size One two
Power level 1500
String pattern 16 x 19
Recommended tension 47-52-57 lbs
Best Match Strings EMBLEM LT
accessories Dedicated full case (black)
Part set code V4005100
Country of origin MADE IN CHINA
Other Smart tennis sensor compatible model


Prince Emblem 120 Tennis Racket

Product Description

It is equipped with TeXtreme x Twaron, a super lightweight high power model evolved pursuing comfortable shot feeling without surface stability and unpleasant vibration.

Expand Hall

By increasing the diameter of the grommet hole and making the contacts of the strings outside the frame, the string moves smoothly and the sweet area is expanded in all directions of the face.

Textile × Twaron Technology 

Second generation textile carbon.

Hybrid material combining textile stream with “Twaron” which is one of aramid fiber newly.
By having rigidity more than normal text stream, we succeeded in “speeding up” while giving “ball holding feeling”.

  • Further reducing the twist of the face without hardening the shaft flex.  – Increased power and controllability
  • The frame return (restoring force) is improved.
  • Ball speed, raising the sense of ball holding
  • Reduce unpleasant vibrations – Increase comfort during hitting ball
  • Tenderness to the elbow and wrist excellent in impact absorption

Textile carbon uses open spread yarn with one to tens of thousands of carbon fibers spread sideways. Since it is a thin structure, the finished fabric is thin, and the strength of the combination is also increased because the surface irregularities are small.

In general, the cross section of a carbon fiber yarn whose carbon fiber is a bundle of one thousand to several tens of thousands of lines is close to a circle. Therefore, when we knit the carbon fiber yarns together, there is a gap between the round and the round, so that it becomes thickness and strength decreases.

X morph frame


By changing the thickness of the inside and the outside, prince’s unique new shape which combines the advantages of box shape and aero shape respectively.
In addition to the resilience restoring power at the time of hitting, it demonstrates the strength against twisting. It is also characterized by low air resistance and good swing-out. Speed ​​+ controllability + spin property is realized.


The frame shape increases the thickness evenly from the upper part of the grip to the frame top part, and the sweet area expands to the top direction. In addition, the distance from the flex point to the hit point increases, so the power due to the bending of the frame increases.