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Prince Magic Cube Blue II Badminton Racquet

Prince Magic Cube Blue II Badminton Racquet

Brand Part Group Type Part Code UOM
PRINCE Badminton Racquet Performance WP7B209-601 PCS

Product Specifications

Frame Size: 54.8 sq. In.
Air weight: 83 +/- 3 g
Balance point: 290 +/- 5 mm
Straight x number of strings: 22 * ​​23
Recommended Tension: 28 +/- 2 lbs
Flexibility: Stiff


Products Descriptions

The Oversize racquet effectively increasing the surface area to hit the ball, racket control area is bigger, a great combination of manoeuvrability and power.

shaft used the design of octagon, increased racquet stability and increase the torque of shaft, and combine the octagonal cone cover, to combine the racquet in the rod up and down to fit up to 99%, improve the stability of the racquet, and the same material, the octagon shaft was in the increase of 30%

One-piece shaft and cap, the integrity of the racquet more solid, more lightsome.