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Prince Team Air Stick Squash Racquet

Product Specifications

Brand Part Group Type Part Code Part Description
PRINCE Squash Racquet Performance 7SJ009


Prince Team Air Stick Squash Racquet
UOM: Pieces
Headsize: 74.5 inch 2
Weight (g) Unstrung:  135 grams
Stringing Pattern: 16 x 17
Power Level: 750
Grip: Resipro
Unstrung Balance: 37.5cm / 18.4 in
Color: Black × Magenta
Frame thickness: 20.0-18.0mm
Material : Carbon
Technology: Power Ring, Air Handle
Recommended tension: Main 20-23-27 lbs (Cross drop by about 10%)
Accessories:  Special sliding bag
Country of origin: MADE IN CHINA


Power ring

Since the string is wound around the ring of the shaft part, the frictional resistance of the string decreases and the repulsion power is increased by 20%. Moreover, the warp becomes longer to sweep radially and the sweet spot is expanded by 18%.


Product Description

Prince’s unique air handle mounted, lightweight model sticking to the shot feel. Both control and power are compatible, cost effective model that can be used from beginner to advanced.