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Prince TeXtreme Pro Beast X 750 PB Squash Racquet

Product Specifications

Brand Part Group Type Part Code Part Description
PRINCE Squash Racquet Performance 7S570 Prince TeXtreme Pro Beast X 750 PB Squash Racquet
UOM: Pieces
Headsize: 74.5 in2 / 480 cm2 Weight (g) Unstrung 126g
Balance Point (cm): Unstrung 35.5 cm
Length: (in / cm) 27″ / 68.6cm
Recommended String: Prince 17G Black
Power Level: 750
Grip: Resipro

Product Description

  • Power Ring Technology
  • PowerBite Technology
  • Reinforced By: TeXtreme


Prince updates the Warrior 100 with a new name and better feel. It also has a slightly different string pattern (16×19 as opposed to 16×18). This racquet is endorsed by John Isner and it’s called the Beast 100. Like the Warrior 100, the Beast 100 packs a seductive combination of power, precision and spin. At 11.2 ounces strung, this stick is not only mobile enough for intermediates, but it also has just enough stability and plow-through for the more advanced player. The Beast 100 features the second generation of Textreme. In addition to increasing stability, this material technology is updated with Twaron, an aramid fiber designed to dampen the feel and improve the sound of ball impact. On groundstrokes, the Beast 100 feels a tad firmer and more precise than the O3 Beast 100. Full swings deliver impressive power, and the open 16×19 string pattern supplies the needed bite for bringing the ball down sharply with spin. It’s also fast and whippy enough for cranking winners on the run. At net the Beast 100 offers quick handling, making it easy for you to react quickly to incoming heat or pounce when opportunity knocks. Aggressive servers will find enough power and spin to force weak replies, and the speedy feel definitely helps on service returns where this stick comes around fast to deliver easy targeting. Ultimately, the Beast 100, with its crisp and spin-friendly precision, is a great option for intermediate and advanced players looking to play aggressive tennis.