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Prince Textreme Pro Shark X 650 Squash Racquet

Product Specifications

Brand Part Group Type Part Code Part Description
PRINCE Squash Racquet Performance 7S571 Prince Textreme Pro Shark X 650 Squash Racquet
UOM: Pieces
Frame Weight: 128 grams
Headsize: 74.5in2 / 480 cm2
Balance Point (cm) Unstrung: 35.5 cm
String Pattern: 14 x 15
Composition: SC/GX/TT/TG
Grip: Resipro
Power Level: 650
Recommended Tension: 25 +/-  5lbs
  • Power Ring Technology
  • PowerBite Technology
  • Reinforced By: TeXtreme


Product Description

This 128g TeXtreme racket is built for stability and feel, shot after shot. Take your game to a whole new level! A more open string pattern delivers greater power and more ‘bite’ on the ball on those ‘touch’ shots. With a lightweight pick-up feel this all-court performer delivers plenty of power with unsurpassed racquet head speed. Easy to play and bound to improve your game.

Headsize: 74.5 in2 / 480 cm2 Weight Unstrung: 128g Balance Point Unstrung: 35.5 cm Length: 27″ / 68.6cm String Pattern: 14 x 15 PowerBite PowerBite technology results from a completely new re-engineered frame with a more open, equally spaced, string pattern.

Effectively, less strings allow for a faster head speed and the open pattern naturally generates more power when hitting through the ball. Equal spacing of strings allows for consistent hitting and feel. The larger string spaces also result in more ‘bite’ on the ball when cutting low to the front wall.

TeXtreme TeXtreme woven laminates are developed with a thinner lighter structure and straighter carbon fibers to create a composite material that is 20% lighter than traditional graphite material with greater stability giving players more power and more precision. Positioning TeXtreme at a 45 degree orientation at 2/10 positions on the hoop reduces the torsional deformation of the racket head at these critical zones by up to 25%. This results in superior torsional stability at impact creating a bigger sweet-spot for unparalleled power, response and accuracy for all squash players.