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Prince Tour 100P (New 2019)


Prince Textreme Tour 100P

With this racquet, Prince adds another chapter to the Textreme Tour 100P. Like the previous version, this stick is ideal for the intermediate or advanced player who wants the outstanding control of a dense string pattern combined with the speed of a modern player’s racquet.

For this update, Prince adds Textreme X to the layup, which integrates Twaron directly into the carbon weave for added dampening. Although this update is a tad stiffer than the previous generation (from 62 to 66 RA), the feedback remains exceptional.

From the baseline, the Tour 100P feels solid at impact, and the high level of control will enable you to select ambitious targets and/or swing for power. As with the previous generation, this racquet’s head light balance helps with mobility and speed.

At net the 100P rewards clean mechanics with penetrating volleys, and the tight string pattern provides great control without an overly boardy or dead response off-center. On service returns the combination of stability and control helps when redirecting the pace of a big first serve, and the high level of precision inspires confidence on aggressive replies.

Ultimately, with some minor tweaks to the layup and feel, Prince keeps a good thing going. Intermediate and advanced players looking for controllable power and great feel should give this one a serious look.