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PRINCE TOUR 100 (310)


Prince Textreme Tour 100 (310) Racquets

Introducing the Textreme Tour 100 (310)! With this racquet, Prince has created a point and shoot weapon for intermediate and advanced players. At 11.5 ounces and boasting a swing-weight of 322-RDC, the Tour 100 (310) offers a nice compromise between speed and stability.

Like other members of the Tour family, this racquet benefits from Textreme X, which adds Twaron to the original Textreme formula in order to enhance dampening and optimize the response.

From the baseline the Tour 100 (310) not only feels solid during heavy exchanges, but it also offers the kind of mindless targeting that inspires confidence on full swings. Players who can get this stick moving fast will find the power to close-out points, and the open 16×18 string pattern supplies more than enough bite for bringing the ball down hard.

At net, the Tour 100 (310) holds up pretty well against higher levels of pace, and it blocks the ball deep without much fuss. On service returns you’ll have enough mass to chip, block or counter-punch big serves, and there’s more than enough control for attacking second serves with huge cuts.

Ultimately, with the Textreme Tour 100 (310), Prince has created a versatile modern player’s racquet. It has enough control and spin to accommodate your biggest strokes, while also supplying the needed power to dictate the action. And don’t forget the great feel for touch and placement shots!