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Prince Tour 95


Prince Textreme Tour 95 Racquets

The Textreme Tour 95 is a player’s racquet defined by its surgical 95 square inch head and near 12 ounce weight. Although it is weighted for advanced players, it should also work for the strong intermediate who wants the undeniable precision and plow-through of a traditionally weighted midsize racquet.

This update benefits from Textreme X, which adds Twaron to the original Textreme formula in order to enhance dampening and optimize the response. From the baseline, the Tour 95 offers a nice combination of plow-through and precision. It swings a tad heavier than the previous generation, giving it more stability and put-away power. This update is also a little stiffer than the previous generation, resulting in a slightly livelier, more modern feel.

At net, the Tour 95 does a good job redirecting higher levels pace, and it rewards clean mechanics with good depth on block volleys. It also has enough feel and control to drop the ball maliciously short. Aggressive servers who can get this stick moving fast will be rewarded with plenty of free points on serve.

Ultimately, with some incremental tweaks to the feel and response, the Prince Tour 95 is an obvious choice for the experienced player who wants the precision and feel of a midsize racquet without having to sacrifice power.