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Slazenger Wimbledon 3Tin Tennis Balls

Product Specifications

Part Description UOM
Slazenger Wimbledon 3Tin Tennis Balls CAN
Brand Part Group Type Part Code
SLAZENGER Tennis Balls Tournaments DLS-340916
Model: Wimbledon Hydro-guard Ultra-Vis
Colour: Yellow
Type: Gas filled
Material: Felt and rubber
Contents: 3 tennis balls
Equipped with Core Tour
Suitable for all surfaces
Hydro Guard for optimal performance in wet conditions
Model: Wimbledon Hydro-guard Ultra-Vis


Product Description

The Wimbledon Hydro-guard tennis balls are made by the sports brand Slazenger and are especially designed to deliver optimal performance in wet conditions while remaining visible. This premium match ball as the Hydro-Guard technology which makes the ball water resistant. Additionally, the ball is provided with Hi Vis technology which makes the visibility of the ball greatly improved. This tennis ball is suitable for all surfaces and comes in a tin of four.


Slazenger has been around since 1881 and has continued to expand by becoming a loyal partner of prestigious tournaments like Wimbledon in 1902. Slazenger has a wonderful assortment of products in the field of tennis, squash and even cricket. The Slazenger tennis balls are known worldwide thanks to the durability and high quality. Many tennis players insist on playing with a Slazenger tennis ball! The brand has over the years grown into an internationally renowned company in all racket sports. By choosing Slazenger you are choosing guaranteed quality!