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Gamma SuperSoft Overgrip

Product Specifications

Brand Part Group Type Part Code Part Description UOM
GAMMA Grips Overgrip AGSSO Gamma SuperSoft Overgrip PCS
Packaging Color
Unit: 3/Pack White (10), Black (11)


Product Description

SuperSoft Overgrip features a unique resin coating that is soft and easy on your hand for hours of comfortable play. The Dry Traction™ surface provides 75 percent more traction than a typical dry grip. SuperSoft Overgrip does not become slippery while playing because Micro Pores wick moisture away from your hand 4 times faster than non-perforated Overgrip.

Many dry Overgrip have their surfaces degraded through a sanding process to achieve a dry feel, while SuperSoft Overgrip is manufactured with a high quality soft resin coating that we leave intact. As a result other dry Overgrip become slippery or wear out quickly. Simply put, SuperSoft is a better quality dry overgrip that performs and lasts longer than the most popular dry Overgrip on the market.