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Gamma Supreme Overgrip

Product Specifications

Brand Part Group Type Packaging UOM Color
GAMMA Grips Overgrip Unit: 3/Pack PCS White (10), Black (11), Red (16)
Part Code Part Description
AGSO Gamma Supreme Overgrip


Product Description

Supreme Power Overgrip combines our best selling tacky and absorbent Supreme Overgrip with soft foam Power Ridges™. The Power Ridges strengthen any grip, weak or strong, while allowing you to switch between forehand and backhand grips seamlessly.

Supreme Power Overgrip allows a player with a weak grip to have more control over the racquet to generate more head speed and power. A player with a stronger grip will be able to relax their grip on the handle and gain more power on serves and shots that test their reach.

An overgrip that offers excellent tackiness and absorbency! Soft, yet durable enough to stand up to many hours of play. Fits extra long racquets. Three (3) overgrips per package.

 Moisture Management
A key feature of our Supreme Overgrip™ that offers excellent tackiness and absorbency!