There will be a new ball on court for the 2019 Australian Open, as Dunlop becomes the official ball partner of the season-beginning Grand Slam.

Widely regarded as the best ball on tour by the players, Dunlop was chosen by Tennis Australia for its meticulous attention to detail and dedication to create a high-performance ball fitting for this prestigious event. Ensuring it meets the necessary specifications and performance levels, the ball has been thoroughly tested by Tennis Australia and put through its paces by both former and current professional players.

The Dunlop Australian Open ball is manufactured in the company’s own factory in the Philippines and is put together using the finest materials available. The factory produces millions of tennis balls in a calendar year and over 53,000 balls will be used at the Australian Open in 2019.

The rubber cores at the heart of the ball are made from the finest natural rubber locally sourced from the Philippines while the manufacturing of the cloth takes place in the UK and then shipped over for full assembly.


Dunlop: Australian Open – Fabric of The Game

“The official Dunlop Australian Open uses the finest natural rubber, combined with Dunlop’s secret recipe of components and premium woven cloth, to create an ultra-consistent ball for high performance play.” Kiyoshi Ikawa – Head of Product Planning & Promotion for SRI.


The 2019 Australian Open ball aims to take the ‘players’ Grand Slam’ to new heights and provide the world’s best players with the world’s best ball. It’s obsessively crafted and meticulously engineered throughout the production process to ensure quality superior to its competitors.

HD Core

A high-specification re-mastering and re-engineering of the classic Dunlop Fort Core. For a ball with more durability and more consistent playing characteristics.

HD Pro-Cloth

Ultra-high-specification, ultra-visible cloth technology for the world’s elite tournaments and players.


Universally acclaimed as one of the game’s all-time greatest singles players. We are honoured to have worked with Rod Laver throughout his illustrious career and to have been a small part of his never-ending journey for perfection.


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GAMMA PICKLEBALL Demo Day & Game was organized successfully on Dec 17, 2018 at Whampoa CC.   There are total 40 participants attending the events, friendly matches were also carry out during the day for the players and lucky draw prizes were given out to the participants at the end of the day.


The 13th Chinese Swimming Club Age Group Badminton (Invitational) Tournament 2018

The 13th Chinese Swimming Club Age Group Badminton (Invitational) Tournament 2018 has ended happily on Sunday, 9-Sep-2018.  SPORTSMATCH as the Official Equipment Sponsor for the Prizes of Babolat Badminton Racquets, Babolat & Prince Racquet Bags and Chao Pai as Official Shuttlecock for the Tournament.  Total participants 395 from Malaysia, Philippine, Singapore and Thailand and the biggest winning groups go to Thailand.   Congratulations to the winners of all age groups and thanks to the supporting team behind the tournament which make the tournament a very successful and happy event.


13th Chinese Swimming Club Age Group Badminton (Invitational) 2018


Boys Singles Under 9
1 Harsha Vardhan [1]
2 Jaden Low Chenxi [2]
3/4 Prakrit Madhaik [3/4]
3/4 Yang Mu [3/4]
Boys Singles Under 11
1 Pannachai Boonmak
2 Jin Khoo [1]
3/4 Lim Sheldric [2]
3/4 Ethan Gonh Wei Dong
Boys Singles Under 14
1 Adisak Prasertphetmanee
2 Sarun Rukcharoen
3/4 Rachaphol Inthanon
3/4 Eakanath Kitkawinroj
Boys Singles Under17
1 Anton Wijaya
2 Peng Meng Yu
3/4 Kian Mikael Cruz
3/4 Wong Chin Ming
Boys Singles Under 19
1 Indra Septian Wijaya
2 Tan Chee Hao
3/4 Tee Shun Xing
3/4 Hoe Yew Wis
Girls Singles Under 9
1 Jaylinn Lee Qin Xuan [1]
2 Jessie Batchelor
3/4 Dorcas Ng Zi Qi
3/4 Low Jia Xun
Girls Singles Under 11
1 Anyapat Phichitpreechasak
2 Pimchanok Sutthiviriyakul
3/4 Sonia Pho [2]
3/4 Meiya Dai Bayraktar
Girls Singles Under 14
1 Warisara Dansoonthornwong
2 Sarunrak Vitidsarn
3/4 Clarisse Han Rui En
3/4 Pattaraporn Rungruengpramong
Girls Singles Under 17
1 Choo Yan Ying Desiree
2 Roslind Eveanne Quiamco
3/4 Teoh Yi Ting
3/4 Teh Khai Lin


Boys Doubles Under 11
1 Arshdip Singh Darshan Singh [3/4]
Jin Khoo
2 Nattawat Jairaksantisuk
Pannachai Boonmak
3/4 Lim Sheldric [3/4]
Tai Jong Waa
3/4 Raphael Chong [1]
Zack Ng Zhen Hong
Boys Doubles Under 14
1 Adisak Prasertphetmanee
Chayakorn Sootlake
2 Eakanath Kitkawinroj
Rachaphol Inthanon
3/4 Natussatum Waiariyaphochchong
Sarun Rukcharoen
3/4 Jayden Chan Qi Xuan
Princern Tjia
Boys Doubles Under 17
1 Chew Qi Siang
Xavier Eng Yee Meng
2 Alaster Ng
Muhammad Rafly Wibiyanto
3/4 Keith Tan Zheng Rui
Ng Yi Vee
3/4 Chua Renzo
Yap Yong Tian
Boys Doubles Under 19
1 Mohammad Izzat Bin Anvar
Wong Chin Ming
2 Fredric Cheng Yi
Shawn Foo Shi Wei
3/4 Teodoro Antonio
Andrew Dominic Quiamco
3/4 Hoe Yew Wis
Muhammad Sufyan Bin Nordin

Men’s Combined 90

1 Adrian Ng Yin Soon
Hor Tak Choy
2 Kam Kim Saw Timothy
Wong Kong Kay
3/4 Jumari Bin Kasrawi
Syed Ahmad Bin Mohsin Alhamid
3/4 Seah Kok Chong
Yap Wee Teck
Men’s Combined 110
1 Koh Kie Liang Johnny
Tan Kim Huat Ronald
2 Jumari Bin Kasrawi
Samsuddin Bin Mohammed
3/4 Jason Ooi Hock Eye
Lawrence Quek Siew Seng
3/4 Chua Yew Chye Albert
Wee Keng Tiong Jerry
Girls Doubles Under 17
1 Pattaraporn Rungruengpramong
Warisara Dansoonthornwong
2 Nutchavee Sittiteeranan
Phatharaporn Kulamat
3/4 Elicia Ng Hui Ting
Ng Jing Ting
3/4 Chew Jing Wen
Choo Yan Ying Desiree


Mixed Doubles Open
1 Tay Kok Hau
Liang Yun
2 Liao Junwei
Chayaporn Suphavilai
3/4 Ng Choon Kang
Ng Soo Mui
3/4 Shawn Foo Shi Wei
Rachel Foo

Chinese Swimming Club Badminton Tournament Roadshow Sales Promotion

Chinese Swimming Club
Badminton Tournament
Roadshow Sales Promotion

(From Sep 5 to 9, 2018)

In conjunction with the Chinese Swimming Club 13th Age Group Badminton (Invitational) Tournament held between Sep 5 to 9, 2018.  We will be holding Roadshow Sales Promotion at the Multipurpose Room located at Level 2 Sports Complex (Next to the Chinese Swimming Club Badminton Hall).  Attractive Discount up to 50% and Sales Promotional Package will be offer throughout the tournament, so mark it down and see you there!




(Source of Articles from Bauerfeind Health Guide)

Running, walking, jumping, climbing stairs – we rarely pay attention to our knees when they are healthy and work without pain.

On this site you will find special exercises that will help strengthen your muscles, and bracing suggestions for use, both prophylactically and for treating illness or injury. Please ask your doctor if these exercises are appropriate for you.

Exercise 1

Exercise for relieving the joint

Please lie on your back. Using only the leg that requires strengthening, pedal in the air while keeping the other leg still. Always extend and flex your leg completely.Repeat five times pedaling forwards and five times pedaling backwards.

Exercise 2

Exercises to stretch the muscles used for bending your legs

Please lie on your back and keep one leg outstretched on the ground. Raise the other leg until it is at a  90° angle with your hips. Keep your thigh in position by holding a towel round it and raise your foot until the leg is vertical; the heel should be pushing towards the ceiling. You will feel a pull in the hollow of you knee.

Exercise 3

Exercises to stretch the muscles used for bending your legs

Sit with legs outstretched in front of you. Point your feet upwards and press the hollows of your knees firmly downwards. Try to reach the tips of your toes with your hands. Hold this position for ten seconds and repeat the exercise ten times.You will feel the muscles at the back of your legs pulling.

Exercise 4

Muscle-strengthening exercises

Sit on an upright chair and grasp a towel between your knees. Now press your lower legs and knees firmly together and maintain this tension for about five seconds, before sitting relaxed again for ten seconds. Repeat five times.

Exercise 5

Muscle-strengthening exercises

Sit on an upright chair and grasp a thick book between your feet. Raise the book by extending your knees. Hold this position for five seconds, before lowering your feet. Repeat five times.

Exercise 6

Muscle-strengthening exercises

Sit on an upright chair. Raise one foot up with  the leg outstretched. Lift your thigh slightly off the chair. Raise the leg alternately with the inner edge of your foot then with the outer edge upwards. Do five sets, repeating the exercise five times on each side.


In the 5th century BC, the people in China played a game called “ti jian zi”. A direct translation from this word ‘ti jian zi’ is kicking the shuttle. As the name suggest, the objective of the game is to keep the shuttle from hitting the ground without using hand. Whether this sport has anything to do with the History of Badminton is up for debate. It was however the first game that uses a Shuttle.



About five centuries later, a game named Battledore and Shuttlecock was played in china, Japan, India and Greece. This is a game where you use the Battledore (a paddle) to hit the Shuttlecock back and forth. By the 16th century, it has become a popular game among children in England. In Europe this game was known as jeu de volant to them.

In the 1860s, a game named “Poona” was played in India. This game is much like the Battledore and Shuttlecock but with an added net. British army officers stationed in India in the 19th century were so found of this game and that it became a much loved past-time.



The game soon found its way to England where in 1873, “POONA” was played at the Duke of Beaufort’s lawn party in his country place, and became popular among the British society’s elite. The new party sport became known as “the Badminton game”. In 1877, the Bath Badminton Club was formed and developed the first official set of rules.    “The Badminton Game” soon evolved into a popular party sport, and today, is an Olympic medal event.

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