Prince X  … The New Standard …. “Twist Power Technology”



Racket with different performance in the fore and back





What is “Twist Power Technology”?

– Twist power technology –

Asymmetrical shaft shape creates different performance in the world’s first fore and back.


Forehand surface that creates a strong ball. When shot on the fore surface, the upper shaft is covered, and the frame reacts hard at impact.  A typical forehand swing is large and can be swung fast, and the player’s power is transmitted to the ball.  As a result, a hard surface and a strong force collide with each other to generate a large amount of power.

Backhand surface that demonstrates the true value of Twist Power Technology.  When shot on the back surface, the shaft on the upper side is open, and the frame moves back and back at the time of impact.  With a backhand that has limited swing and body movement compared to the fore, it is not possible to swing as fast and as fast as the fore. The bending and returning of the frame help push the ball out of the power of the swing of this back, enabling a deeper and more stable ball.



New structure with 3 tubes inside the frame.


In addition, new material cores are injected into the tubes on both sides. It not only enables high surface stability, but also realizes a solid and solid shot feeling that senior players are concerned about.   By absorbing minute vibrations, it not only reduces performance but also enables delicate touch shots.


The difference that shape makes

The secret of that mysterious feature is the world’s first technology newly developed by Prince


Certain differences in the data

SPEED 105% 104%
LENGTH 100.7% 107.8%
CONTROL 57.97% up 41.82% up

Trackman measurement


The principle is that the difference in “bending” comes from the shape


The twisted shape creates a difference of up to 11%
in bending between the fore and back sides, giving a strong rebound on the fore side and stretching due to bending on the back side.




Twist Power Technology symbol “X” logo inside the frame top




Back end cap for Smart Tennis Sensor.



The Series comes standard with a stylish bag exclusively for the “X” that is easy to carry with two or more.



Prince X