Following the World Squash Federation (WSF) statement dated 28 July on the clarification request from the Egyptian Squash Federation, the following update is provided:

After the Egyptian Squash Federation request, the WSF began extensive consultation with experts, including the WSF Medical Commission and the International Olympic Committee.

This consultation found no evidence that the age of 2023 WSF World Junior Squash Champion Hamza Khan of Pakistan is different to the one listed on his official passport.

In addition:

  • The WSF has been advised that there is no medically recognised procedure that can measure an individual’s age without a significant margin of error.
  • It has been noted that Mr Khan has competed in official international junior events for a number of years and has had the same date of birth registered on every occasion.

The Egyptian Squash Federation and the Pakistan Squash Federation have been informed of the outcome of this investigation.

The matter is now considered closed.